Qualitative Research - World Cafe

In the world of consumer insights, many excellent methodologies exist for helping companies build and refine new products and test them appropriately prior to introduction. There are also many good ways to approach the ideation phase.

The one phase of this process which remains most difficult to address is the area of identifying consumer needs. This has been problematical, in part, because it poses the question, “What’s missing?” – a question consumers often do not think about themselves. And a question which is often not answerable until a consumer is confronted with new possibilities.

Borrowing from the developing social sciences, we have a technique to help uncover insights into consumer needs around your category. It makes use of The World Cafe methodology which helps people connect on a deep emotional level over important questions.

By setting up a comfortable, inviting space for conversation and asking questions that matter, client team members and respondents alike can discuss the underlying emotional issues around a category or brand or product. From these discussions, the team then develops insights that help move the team forward with new insights about consumer needs.