Ideation & Innovation - Meeting Facilitation & Training

We facilitate meetings which help you build teams, develop new products, create strategic plans and much more. We bring a fun, productive environment to the party and can elicit lots of employee participation. We can place a number of different methodologies and thought models at your disposal to run the right session for you. Costs are determined by the length of the meeting and the number of participants, please call for a custom quote.

deBono Six Thinking Hats Session Facilitation

Trained deBono Facilitators will design and execute a thinking session on a topic of importance to you. We’ll tailor the deBono methods to your problem at hand.

Deliverables - A brief overview of Edward deBono’s Six Thinking Hats for you and your team, a well designed and structured meeting, and superb facilitation of said meeting.

FourSight Facilitation

Our trained facilitators will use the Foursight tools to help your team or organization “boost problem solving, build teams and strengthen communication...” – from the Foursight website

Deliverables - A clear understanding of the thinking styles present in your team or organization, a superbly aligned team, and a well-structured action plan for meeting your team’s next objective.
Full Creative Problem Solving Session
Our facilitators will take your team through the full Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving process, from problem finding, through solution strengthening. This is a great technique to solve sticky problems and create full, elegant action plans to implement the solution.

Deliverables - A report of key themes, ideas and a summary of the biggest new ideas and solutions created. A set of fully developed action plans to support your new solutions. Electronic documents including every idea, idea fragment and solution created by your team.