Ideation & Innovation - Creativity Jumpstarts

A Creativity Jumpstart is a half-day to one-day program in which one or two of our team of facilitators comes to you and your team to help you think in new ways about the business problem you are facing. We work with you to identify the problem you need to solve, the criteria by which the solution will be judged and then hold a rousing brainstorming and idea generating session, increasing your chance of finding the next big idea.

In a full day, get an even richer idea generating session with use of more divergent tools, get to solution finding and strengthening stages.


Half-Day: A solid problem statement and understanding of the most important problems to solve, a brief report of key themes and ideas, an electronic document including every idea and idea fragment generated during the session, and an electronic document including all solutions found by your team.

Full Day: Same as Half-Day Creativity Jumpstart, plus you will receive actionable solutions your team can start working on right away.