"I found it very valuable to not only “hear” consumers at a range of stations, but also “hear” from a range of consumers." Colleen Cooper, McNeil Nutritionals


Hybrid Methodologies

Hybrid Methodologies

And sometimes you just need a whole new way of doing research. Here at New Directions, we think of every project as a puzzle and we love to figure out new solutions for our clients. Whether you’re looking for a new way to talk to consumers or need to tweak an existing methodology, we’re adept at tailoring a research project to fit YOUR needs.


Critical Conversations

In the world of consumer insights, many excellent methodologies exist for helping companies build and refine new products and test them appropriately prior to introduction. There are also many good ways to approach the ideation phase.


The one phase of this process which remains most difficult to address is the area of identifying consumer needs. This has been problematical, in part, because it poses the question, “What’s missing?” – a question consumers often do not think about themselves. And a question which is often not answerable until a consumer is confronted with new possibilities.

Borrowing from the developing social sciencesm we are proposing an experiment to help uncover insights into consumer needs around your category. It makes use of The World Cafe methodology which helps people connect on a deep emotional level over important questions.

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What We Do

One of the most important elements of new product development that is often overlooked is the input of key consumers at a very early stage. It can be a fatal error to go ahead before you know how your market will react to your new ideas.

It takes an intelligent, insightful and experienced team to get you the answers you need for the successful development of a new product or concept. We bring a fun, creative energy to gathering consumers' answers to marketing questions and help you realize your new product ideas successfully.

We specialize in all stages of new product development, from concept writing to packaging decisions, product communications to taste attributes. And if we’re not the right company to help you, then we’ll find out who is and make sure you connect with them.
Because we’re good like that.

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