Creation Stations - What It Is

Creation Stations(sm) is an ideation methodology with unique modules to help you break through to truly innovative new ideas:

Training exercises to help everyone's mind stretch a little more

A small-scale Building Blocks(sm) or small-scale Critical Conversations session to bring the consumer perspective to bear on the team's thinking

Inspiration Stations -- multi-sensory exercises that stimulate participants with creative excursions. Team members visit different Inspiration Stations before each intensive Ideation Station, so that different perspectives are combined in new and unusual ways. Here are just some of the Inspiration Stations your team might visit:

  • Rip & Rap
  • Brain Walking
  • Conversation Pits
  • Doll Houses
  • Clay Play
  • Mind Mapping

ICE (Initial Consumer Exposure) -- so the team goes home knowing which of the new ideas is likely to represent the big breakthrough!

Basically, it’s the fastest way to develop the next killer concept AND make sure it’s on target with consumers.