Creation Stations - How it Works

For a recent Creation Stations(sm) for a food company, we asked the client to assemble a team of about 10 people. We added in a couple of “trained brains” to help get everyone into the right mood to play.


Beginning on a Tuesday night we had a local chef prepare 8 to 10 dishes using the company’s current products in new and unusual dishes and preparations.

Early the next morning, the team went through our series of divergent and convergent exercises to help them come up with hundreds of ideas and idea fragments. They continued until late that afternoon and then divided into concept writing pairs.

The pairs then bid on ideas to develop into concept statements that evening. The next morning, consumers showed up to be interviewed by the concept pairs. Each concept-writing pair interviewed 2 or 3 consumers and showed each of them 2 or 3 of their ideas and got direct feedback on interest, originality, expected frequency of use, fit with the parent brand, etc.

We ended the second afternoon with teams presenting revised versions of their concepts. The company left with about 10 concepts that were ready to go into an early stage concept screening test and hundreds more ideas to fall back on and develop into additional full concepts or to be explored in early stage qualitative.