Creation Stations FAQs

What makes Creation Stations(sm) different from other types of ideation ?

We believe that new ideas can best be developed from new ways of stimulating the brain. If you’ve ever sat through an in-house "brainstorming" session where the same 6 to 8 people try to come up with new ideas -- again -- and all the facilitator does is use the same old tired exercises, you will recognize how quickly a once-creative process can become stale.

How many people can I / must I bring to the exercises ?

Creation Stations(sm) is set up to work with groups of 8 to 20+. Since our exercises are custom designed to maximize the diversity of stimulation tasks for your team, we simply break larger groups into smaller groups for ease of administration. Obviously, the more people you bring, the more facilitators we will need to provide to ensure that all team members are being used to their fullest.

Where can I conduct a Creation Stations(sm) ?

Creation Stations(sm) can be set up almost anywhere there is a conference type facility. We believe that a comfortable setting (preferably with a gym, pool or other ways to relax the body as well as the brain) is the most effective for creative exercises.

How much does a Creation Stations(sm) cost ?

Each session needs to be estimated at the time of design. Factors include number of facilitators, length of the sessions and the numbers of consumer interviews to be included.

What is the output from Creation Stations(sm) ?

You will receive typed output from all of the main and breakaway sessions. These notes contain all of the idea fragments, "builds", and ideas that have been developed. In addition, you receive the actual concept statements as developed and reviewed with consumers.

How long does it take ?

It generally takes about 2-3 weeks to set up a Creation Stations(sm) -- assuming the desired meeting facilities are available.

Do you train my team ?

It is not unusual for client team participants to feel a little anxious at the beginning of a "brainstorming" exercise. It is our intent to put everyone at ease as quickly as possible since that is the only way people can get into the relaxed state necessary to reach their most creative thoughts. From the beginning, our trained facilitators help your team with the various exercises they will participate in.