Building Blocks - What You Get

We truly think that Building Blocks(sm) is the fastest way to get major, actionable insights on new products.

After each consumer session, we hold a client team debrief to start gathering insights from the team.

Within a week of field, we issue a topline report based on the total responses to closed-ened questions (ratings and rankings), giving you an early snapshot of which stimuli work, and which don't work as well.

Within two weeks of field, we provide a full set of data tables, cross-tabbed on a banner that best suits your needs. We also provide typed verbatim responses to every open-ended question and video that respondents complete.

Within three weeks of field, we hold a first-round presentation, to which we hope you'll invite the whole team. We present our findings, gather questions, and prepare to dive back into the data for any lingering issues.

Within four weeks of field, we issue a final report that is based on the first-round presentation and includes any follow-up issues, all the final questionnaires, verbatims, and data tables in one neat little (big!) package.