Building Blocks - How It Works

A Building Blocks(sm) study allows the customer to choose the parts of the total product bundle that he or she likes best. The combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis tells you which combinations work well together and should be pursued. Even more importantly, the analysis shows which items and combinations are likely to run into "dead-ends", and should be dropped from future consideration.

In a Building Blocks(sm) study, we recruit respondents in the same way we do for a focus group - we just recruit more of them. Typically, we will talk to 60-100 respondents in a day, over the course of 2-3 sessions. Respondents come to a central location, such as a hotel ballroom, and interact with various stimuli relating to the new product bundle. Working individually at each station, each respondent sees (or touches or uses or tastes) the stimuli, and answers questions about rating, ranking, interest and so on. When a respondent finishes at a station, they may be invited to chat with a member of the client team, who is free to ask any open ended (qualitative) questions they can think of about the station just seen. 

At the end of each consumer session, we hold a debrief with the client team to start gathering insights about what was said and how that might impact further development of the new product.